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Space Maintainer Instructions

Instructions for Space Maintainer

Pediatric Dentistry Space Maintainers - Post-op Instructions For Space Maintainer Your child has had a space maintainer inserted today. The purpose of this appliance is to hold the space open for the permanent tooth/teeth to erupt when your child is older. This can vary from a few months, to several years.

  • Some appliances have a piece of metal that extends beneath the gum. This type of appliance needs to be checked by the dentist more frequently and will be changed to an appliance that does not extend beneath the gum when the tooth behind erupts into the mouth.
  • Your child should avoid chewing gum, caramel taffy and other very sticky foods.
  • The appliance must be kept very clean. Be sure to clean all wires and bands when brushing.
  • If the appliance comes loose, please call our office immediately. Bring the appliance to the appointment.
  • If your child has any other issues with the appliance, please do not hesitate to call our office.