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Child's First Visit

Your Child's First Dental Visit

First Visit | Sheer Smiles Kids Dentistry | Frisco, Texas From the moment you contact us for your child's first dental visit with us, we will make sure that your and your child's, our patient's, visit is a pleasant one. We offer a welcome tour of the office if you wish to stop by before the day of your appointment.

It is best to not focus too much on the first visit with your child, and just simply let him/her know about their first dental appointment the next day. Please make sure to talk about the visit in a positive way.

We have a very selective vocabulary in our office. We try to avoid words that scare our young children. Please support us by NOT using negative words before, during or after their visit. Our intention is not to "fool" the child, but is to provide a positive experience.

So a perfect way would be telling your child, that they will be visiting The dentist to count and brush their teeth to make sure their teeth are growing appropriately and strong just like they are.

Do NOT use Our vocabulary
Exam Counting teeth
Tooth cleaning Tickling teeth
Cavities Sugar bugs
Needle or shot Sleepy juice
Handpiece (drill) Mr. Whistle or Mr. Bumpy
Cleaning the cavities Washing out the sugar bugs
Extraction Wiggle a tooth (tooth fairy visits after)
Nitrous gas Magic air
Stainless steel crowns Superhero or princess teeth

At your child's first visit, our highly experienced pediatric team will make your child feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. We give all kids a tour of the office to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable. Depending on your child's needs, we will take a set of radiographs, conduct a thorough examination and cleaning with fluoride treatment. If Dr. Shir does have any findings, she will create a best care plan for your child based on their individual needs.

You will then meet with our experienced treatment coordinator that will assist in scheduling and finances.